If you are afraid of covid-19 and don’t understand, why others are not, read this

I refer to parents here, but it applies to everybody who disagrees with you:

  1. Are you sure that what you heard about the pandemic is justified, ie. that your parents were at higher risk of dying?
  2. Where did you get this information from?
  3. Did you have a chat with most doctors or are you getting your information solely from the government, a single source?
  4. Are you sure that you know better than your parents what is dangerous and what is not?
  5. What makes you think your parents make a mistake?
  6. Have you ever considered that your parents have a better developed knack for determining unproven theories than you have?
  7. Do you assume that the source that told you how the world worked was on your side, reliable and helpful?
  8. Are you sure, that your source, those people have only your and your parents well-being in mind?
  9. If the government(and associated media) is your source, can you name at least one measure that was forced upon you by the government that did not benefit you? What makes you believe that the information you are getting now was different?


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