Review Netflix’ The Stranger

Why do we need secrets?

Why do we need to protect our sexual experiences?

Because we fear being judged or excluded.

The girl in the first episode was on a sugar daddy site.

So people saw her nude body.

And now?

Everybody is nude below clothes. That is what we look like.

She enjoys spending time with older men? Who’s business is it anyway?

So many people repress their sexual urges to avoid other people’s judgement.

And some won’t – and they are watched for it on pornhub.

Did you know that on pornhub, people write the nicest comments?

You are beautiful

You have the perfect body

The sky is the limit.

People won’t employ you if they google your name and find out you engage in sexual acts?

Why? Because they should think, you didn’t have sex? “Our employees don’t have sex”?

So many people have all kinds of fetishes.

Our society is full of people trying to hide their fetish.

Once I was talking to a clerk and he said roughly

There are so many people out there, one won’t believe their reprehensible fetishes

And that is true. People with fucked up fetishes are everywhere.

Data is everywhere.

So what is that threat of

Someone could see my nudes


It is all about control. People keep you small.

Don’t say something. Don’t be a human. We will watch everything and remind you in 20 years that you did something WE don’t like.

Louis CK comes to mind.

He masturbated in front of women who agreed to this. The guy has been talking about him masturbating for ages. And…he actually does it?

Louis, if you read this, come back like nothing happened. Make a routine out of it. You’ll be fine!


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