Never donate money unless it’s for saving taxes

Why is it widely accepted to donate money to the poor if you made a fortune? Jane says: “Oh John made a billion dollar this year, but he donates half of it to the poor, so it’s okay”.

There is everything wrong with this quote. First, Jane is in no position to judge what John should do with his money. Second, John did not make money because of Jane, he made it in spite of Jane. Everyone who is poor is being put in his place by society. Only if you think for yourself and stand up tall, you will become successful. And then you should give your money to all those fuckers who prevented you from getting there in the first place. Because if you don’t, the Janes of this world, well, won’t like you anymore, I guess? Is it really worth to you a lot of your money to be liked by lazy moralistic idiots? Because guess what, once you donate a lot, you become poorer again. Then the difference between you and all Janes becomes less and what happens really? Their ENVY becomes less. Yeah, it is all envy, nothing but envy by people who are on welfare because their work ethic sucks. Would Jane help John if he was suffering without money? Never! Instead of donating, John should have a bodyguard to protect him from those envious people.

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