If there were less law abiding citizens, we would have less mental health issues

Beating your bully up is more satisfying for your mental health than suing him. Especially if you lose in the end.

Having some police officers just hold a violent gangmember and the battery victim can now dish out. That is healthy for the mind. That turns being a victim into a hero. No need for therapy. None of that shit. Just some loyal folks who reverse the power position for the victim to now be in power.

Sueing, waiting for a judge, who wasn’t even there, to confirm that what someone did was wrong is too much risk. And if he goes to jail, what does that help the victims mental health? The victim doesn’t even have a say in how long the attacker goes to jail.

The death penalty should be done by those who are victims of crimes or relatives of the deceased. With the same weapon the attacker used. If he used a fork to the eye, the attacker knows his death will be painful. Maybe the attacker is fixated to a table now and one relative of the deceased starts stabbing at his eye till he dies.

Battery should be countered with battery by the victim.

Everything else does not work for mental health. We are genetically meant for an eye for an eye. You cannot trick nature to be politically correct.

What doesn’t work is “forgetting” it. Or worse, pretending to be “above” it.

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