Why don’t girls hit on guys?


I think about this almost every day, so I already have some answers prepared.

  1. They are selfish. They want to be the ones to be able to reject you to feel better about themselves. If a woman hits on you and you don’t react the way she wants you to, she could feel rejection. And she does not want to feel rejection but at the same time couldn’t care less about you not wanting to feel rejection. In a woman’s mind, a man is mentally stable all the time, never has bad feelings, so to a woman it’s perfectly fine to not do anything.
  2. They are selfish. They don’t want to look desperate as in “having to approach a guy because I am not pretty enough that a guy approaches me”.
  3. They are selfish. They don’t need to hit on you, because other men hit on them.
  4. They are obnoxious, sometimes. Sometimes they pretend to be interested in you, just to tell you about a boyfriend when you initiate contact after that and to become distant. All they wanted was your attention, you gave it, now you “served your purpose”.
  5. They have double standards. Sometimes they do hit on guys, but in a way they would reject in the harshest manner if men did it to them. Example:
    1. She says, “Can I sit here” in a shy and timid voice. The guy says “Yeah sure” with a smile. If he says “Can I sit here” in a shy and timid voice, she will likely roll her eyes and say in the coldest, most distant way “yes” to then leave as soon as possible. She does this because of the last sentence of “1.”. No matter how many times she is being told that men have feelings too, are insecure too, it “does not compute” in her mind. She, the pathetic, fearful and lazy creature needs an animal to protect her against the bad world. If that animal is not there, she protects herself against this “subhuman”.

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