What is some advice that you thought was good at first, but turned out to be bad advice?

Say “Stop harassing me” when being pestered in public

First I thought that saying “Stop harassing me” out loud in public was a good means to draw negative public attention to someone to make him feel ashamed and to stop doing what he did.

I realized a few things after I did it

  1. It puts you into a position of a victim. “I am being pestered by someone, it is being done to me”
  2. It says “help me, I cannot handle it myself” to bystanders, who wouldn’t help you anyways but it also shows to them, that you are weak(er than you really are) and they might try to bully you on top of it.
  3. This all combined works even less when you are male and say this.

It works well, if you are

  1. female
  2. in danger
  3. in dire need of external help

Therefore, as a man, you should rather say things like “You know, talking like this will lead to events, that I won’t be proud of” implying that you will use physical force against him without saying it.

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