What do you say to a rude vegan who attacks you for eating meat?

I don’t like to say this often, but you have to change the topic or leave. They do not care about you, they have insecurities and are triggered.

If I feel like it, I say “I gotta go get my tasty cheese burger right now, you should try a whopper once, the one with three beef patties in it. I think I’ll order one aswell.” And if I am really aiming at taking the piss at her(it’s mostly women) I’d add “You know, when the animal suffers and screams before dying, it loses some fat and tastes better; I only eat meat of animals that had suffered before they died. There’s a great butchery that offers this kind of meat as a delicacy. I’ll text you their address, you will love it. Bye.”

Those women will heat up like “Anger” in the movie “Inside Out”. Hilarious.

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