How can I let a waiter know that I liked their service but I won’t be tipping them? I’m against the idea of tipping and not that rich, when is the appropriate time to not tip?

falcon elizabeth - waiter

I would handle it the lawyer’s way: there is no law requiring you to tip, you did not pay the waiter so little that he needs the tip and you did not force the waiter to work there. Therefore, you are giving the waiter exactly the amount of money that they earn or you give him more just to wait for him to bring your change back. If they don’t, go right there and tell him that you gave him X (dollars probably for you) the meal was Y so you want X minus Y from him back.

Hint: I am german and we also have a tipping culture. Yet if you can handle social pressure – and even do something indirectly for tipping culture to change – you are better off not paying a tip.

Apart from that and even if you are not rich, tipping 10% of an average meal is not that much.

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