I love the metoo movement – but not for the reasons you think

The MeToo-Movement made men stop approach women out of fear of legal repercussions.

What I like about it, as a man myself who got rejected by women quite a lot for not being manly enough, is that it removes options for women.

The boyfriend line will be less and less common because women stop having sex because men stop approaching them.

It even went so far that women complained about men not approaching them anymore. And I love this.

Women will be more grateful for me approaching them over time, because they finally get less and less options.

This works beautifully in my favour.

Meine Wut auf Pickup

Ich mache Pickup schon Ewigkeiten, doch ich kämpfe gegen innere Windmühlen, die auf Teufel komm raus nicht einstürzen wollen. Ich sehe eine Frau auf der Straße, spreche sie an, meine Stimme rutscht – auch nach Jahren noch – hoch und tadaa, weg ist sie und der virtuelle Freund ist da.

Frauen schauen arrogant weg, tun alles, damit sie NICHT angesprochen werden und so ein Drillinstruktorwixer auf Youtube sagt im Militätton: “Ach sie schaut arrogant? Sei nicht so ne Pussy!”


Der scheiß Militärton, den jeder Guru draufhat, dafür soll man noch Geld zahlen?

Außerdem hat KEINER dieser ach so kompetenten Gurus Antworten darauf, wie ich eine Frau anspreche OHNE ihr in den Arsch zu kriechen und so, daß etwas daraus wird.

Der Militärspacko, ich nenne ihn mal M., sagt: “Direkt ansprechen”. Ich soll so einer selbstverliebten Fotze sagen, daß sie mir gefällt. Weißt du was, das habe ich. Schon sooft. Und was bekommen ich? “Ich hab nen Freund”.

Dann sagt M.: “Bring deine Probleme in Ordnung” Ja ach nee, ganz toller Vorschlag du Spast. Wenn ich wüßte, wie ich mein Gehirn auf Kurs bringe, dann wäre es auf Kurs. Aber deine Spastimethoden und die der anderen GURUS funktionieren eben nicht.

Es ist verpulverte Energie, sich aufzuregen? Da hat jemand nicht verstanden, was sich aufregen heißt. Es bedeutet, ein Unrecht wiedergutzumachen. Was sagt M? Schluck es runter.

Warum sagt der Depp das? WEIL ER KEINE LÖSUNG HAT.

Aber er, ja er hat natürlich ganz viele Frauen.

Keiner der Ms kann mit Wut umgehen.

Oder auch damit, wenn eine Frau sagt, das sei ihr Freund und zeigt auf jemanden. Dafür hat wieder niemand der ach so erleuchteten eine Lösung. Und natürlich sagt die dumme Fotze im Arm von so einem Spacko nichts brauchbares, er sowieso nicht.

IMMER UND IMMER WIEDER: “Sei nicht so ne pussy.” als Antwort auf alles.

DAS HAT NOCH NIE WAS GEBRACHT! Warum rennen nur solchen M-Wixern soviele Männer hinterher?

Ignoring trolls is a way worse option than doxing them

We know it from bullies and we know it from thugs. Once you become a threat to them, they back down. If not immediately, then after beating them twice. It’s pretty simple, once you get the hang of it.

Now, being transferred to the online world, what is a troll afraid of? He is afraid of being stripped of his anonymity, ie shown that he is vulnerable. So next time someone insults you fiercely, you start your doxing game and send them a nice mail with some details about him. If he continues, you make his address public. You continue till he shuts up and others know not to mess with you.

Never donate money unless it’s for saving taxes

Why is it widely accepted to donate money to the poor if you made a fortune? Jane says: “Oh John made a billion dollar this year, but he donates half of it to the poor, so it’s okay”.

There is everything wrong with this quote. First, Jane is in no position to judge what John should do with his money. Second, John did not make money because of Jane, he made it in spite of Jane. Everyone who is poor is being put in his place by society. Only if you think for yourself and stand up tall, you will become successful. And then you should give your money to all those fuckers who prevented you from getting there in the first place. Because if you don’t, the Janes of this world, well, won’t like you anymore, I guess? Is it really worth to you a lot of your money to be liked by lazy moralistic idiots? Because guess what, once you donate a lot, you become poorer again. Then the difference between you and all Janes becomes less and what happens really? Their ENVY becomes less. Yeah, it is all envy, nothing but envy by people who are on welfare because their work ethic sucks. Would Jane help John if he was suffering without money? Never! Instead of donating, John should have a bodyguard to protect him from those envious people.

I do not want to discuss when I don’t ask for a discussion, so don’t do it

If I ask a well-formed question that has an answer, I don’t care if you disagree with the question. Why in the world do people think that you cared about their opinion when asking for facts not related to their opinion?

No matter how “weird” you think a question is, if you don’t have anything to contribute to the question, shut up. Nobody cares about why you disagree and whether you disagree with a question. Answer the question or shut up.

If someone asks “How to get Hitler back” answer the question or shut up. If someone asks “How do I make my girlfriend abort” answer the question or shut up. If someone asks “How to get a taken woman” answer the question or shut up. If someone asks “How to earn more money” answer the question or shut up.

Being off-topic is the cancer of every forum. And mods are often not better, they even encourage people being off-topic to push THEIR agenda. Or ban those who are trying to prevent people from being off-topic.

It would be easy to block everyone who is not answering a question. Once you know that only good answers are rewarded, you start thinking before your “answer” and instead answer.

Mods: punish those low-life time-wasters writing off-topic comments or insulting comments by banning them.

If there were less law abiding citizens, we would have less mental health issues

Beating your bully up is more satisfying for your mental health than suing him. Especially if you lose in the end.

Having some police officers just hold a violent gangmember and the battery victim can now dish out. That is healthy for the mind. That turns being a victim into a hero. No need for therapy. None of that shit. Just some loyal folks who reverse the power position for the victim to now be in power.

Sueing, waiting for a judge, who wasn’t even there, to confirm that what someone did was wrong is too much risk. And if he goes to jail, what does that help the victims mental health? The victim doesn’t even have a say in how long the attacker goes to jail.

The death penalty should be done by those who are victims of crimes or relatives of the deceased. With the same weapon the attacker used. If he used a fork to the eye, the attacker knows his death will be painful. Maybe the attacker is fixated to a table now and one relative of the deceased starts stabbing at his eye till he dies.

Battery should be countered with battery by the victim.

Everything else does not work for mental health. We are genetically meant for an eye for an eye. You cannot trick nature to be politically correct.

What doesn’t work is “forgetting” it. Or worse, pretending to be “above” it.

How can I let a waiter know that I liked their service but I won’t be tipping them? I’m against the idea of tipping and not that rich, when is the appropriate time to not tip?

falcon elizabeth - waiter

I would handle it the lawyer’s way: there is no law requiring you to tip, you did not pay the waiter so little that he needs the tip and you did not force the waiter to work there. Therefore, you are giving the waiter exactly the amount of money that they earn or you give him more just to wait for him to bring your change back. If they don’t, go right there and tell him that you gave him X (dollars probably for you) the meal was Y so you want X minus Y from him back.

Hint: I am german and we also have a tipping culture. Yet if you can handle social pressure – and even do something indirectly for tipping culture to change – you are better off not paying a tip.

Apart from that and even if you are not rich, tipping 10% of an average meal is not that much.